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Naturally Beyond Organic ™

We go way beyond the definition of Organic
Expect produce that is fresher than ever


Mixed lettuce

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Greenleaf Lettuce

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Get Fresh, Natural produce from West Grow Farms throughout the year.

Our produce is available throughout any weather and we ensure our produce is delivered to market fresh and clean.




You can pay with a credit card at our online store,

or debit/ cash at the door.

# 104 25791 114 Ave Acheson, Alberta T7X 6E2

Order Phone 780 886-7476

Order Phone 587 982-5655




Sue and Mark

We are very impressed with the quality and taste of West Grow Farms Produce. We also appreciate the fact that it’s grown locally and without the use of Chemicals, Preservatives, or GMO additives.

Debra Houston

Supporting Local Businesses in Parkland County During COVID 19

Bought some lettuce…  Romaine & Mixed Salad from West Grow Farms in Acheson; locally grown lettuce and it was DELICIOUS

I called Ann Philpott after reviewing their website westgrowfarms.com and she took my order and we set up a curbside pickup and payment. It was so easy and the BEST part is the freshness and taste of the greens.

Stuart Houston and I had Quinoa Greek salad on a bed of West Grow Farms Romaine tonight, and we pretty well ate the whole container of lettuce, it was so tender and tasty. Can’t wait for my salad experience tomorrow.

Thank you West Grow Farms !!!

Joan and Stephen

The produce selection at West Grow Farms is greater than the selection we find available in the area during the short growing season in the area. We find the quality to be far superior to other produce available at local retailers. We enjoy buying local products and West Grow Farms delivers superior quality throughout the year.


I am sincerely excited that the quality produce from West Grow Farms is available throughout the year. Our family is eating Kale and that didn’t happen before we started getting Kale from West Grow Farms.