About Us

About Us

We are a family owned and operated indoor farm.


Due to Bio security and Safety Considerations, we do not offer public tours of our facility

We work diligently to provide the best quality produce

A large portion of produce consumed in Canada is imported from the US and Mexico. Imported produce in Alberta has traveled a minimum of 3000 kms. 

Our produce is delivered to stores within a day’s drive, maximizing freshness and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our Company

West Grow Farms  has built a modern, technologically-advance indoor farm facility located in Acheson, Alberta. Our farm is centrally located in the Edmonton area to bring fresh, natural, chemical free, green leaf produce to the Edmonton Area We measure freshness with a watch not a calander.  Our distance to market is usually less than 50 kilometers. This allows us to significantly reduce our environmental footprint and ensure our produce is delivered to retail as fresh as possible. Our packaging is compostable and we make every effort to minimize use of single use plastic.

We grow our produce using an aeroponic growing system, which minimizes the uses of water. We use 95% less water than conventional farming. Our farm uses 1.56 liters per 142 gram sales unit. It is estimated that an individual serving is 40 g. It can be deduced that an individual serving requires .4394 liters of water.

West Grow Farms does not have to utilize Pesticides or Chemicals because our growing system allows us to harvest quickly. Our Bio security measures also assists in our ability to minimize the need for non-natural additives. Our documented procedures were verified through our Canada GAP certification, and those procedures help ensure our produce meets Canada GAP standards. 


By using a specially designed growing system, our produce is seeded, grown, harvested and packaged without being touched by human hands. When comparing our growing and harvesting methods to field-grown produce (imported), you will understand why theirs say “Triple-Washed” and our produce is Clean From the Start.

We also use an aeroponic hybrid system and we do not use soil in our process. Our plants are suspended in air and misted with water and nutrients on a regular interval.

Our Team

West Grow Farms is a family owned farm and is operated by our family. We also are supported by a dedicated staff that is well versed in how our systems work.

Jim Philpott

Managing Partner

Ann Philpott

Managing Partner

Shop for our Produce at most Safeway/Sobeys, and at our Farm in Acheson, Alberta