West Grow Farms is committed to offer our customers an optimum experience and we have developed partnerships with community (Local) partners. We understand we are not subject matter experts on all matters that can improve our customers experience, so we have partnered with groups that are subject matter experts. Please contact our partners for a detailed discussion of the service they provide.

Since 2007, the Heart Fit Clinic is Canada’s premiere cardiac rehabilitation and heart attack and stroke prevention centre. We provide YOU with valuable cardiovascular assessments and heart disease treatments. We have an immense passion for what we do. We are dedicated, focused and offer personalized evidence-based heart disease treatment plans. If you want to better your heart health or understand your cardiovascular disease risk then we look forward to helping you prevent and reverse heart disease.



Revive Wellness is Edmonton’s Largest Team of Private Practice Registered Dietitians, and We’re Passionate About Your Health & Wellness


We believe in evidence-based nutrition, providing customized nutrition and wellness coaching that empowers Canadians to live with energy, health and vitality. We specialize in nutrition coaching, sports nutrition, weight management and corporate wellness, to name a few.


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3728 91 Street NW
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